نعتقد أننا نمتلك الخبرة والعلاقات والمدى والمهارة والإرادة للقيام بذلك.

Exploration & Production Technologies

The Company is keenly concerned with maintaining and safeguarding safety of lives, properties and environment against pollution.

Innovative Solutions

Upstream & Downstream Solutions

Approved Products

Variety of Products that serves all industries


  • Encourage scientific relations in the field of oil & Gas through attracting the oil experts from advanced countries.
  • Making strong Joint relations with famous companies in the field of oil & Gas companies
  • Opening new markets all over Arabic Gulf countries and Middle East countries.
  • Participating in achieving the strategic target of Kuwaiti government to achieve the production capacity to be (4) millions barrels through the year 2020.

Our Mission

  • Introducing the modern techniques to develop the old wells of oil & gas
  • Introducing the modern technologies in the field of research and exploration of new oil & gas fields
  • Supplying the modern spare parts and modern machines and equipments in the field of oil & gas
  • Implementation the international stands of quality, Environment and safely to ensue the excellent oil services. (ISO – 9001)(ISO -14001)(OHSAS – 18001)

نبذة عنا

Petrotech oil services and maintenance works established since 2012

Let me introduce to you our company:
PetroTech is located in Kuwait and has more than 12 years of experience in the market with major clients such as (KOC – KNPC – PIC – MEW), EPC Contractors and Service Companies.
Since 2012, Petrotech awarded valuable projects and supplied orders with KOC, KNPC, KISR, and EPC contractors which increases our reputation and strength.

Our Vision

Petrotech has done its best to be the pioneer and sustained on the excellence top in the field of oil & gas services.

Our Products & Services

الخدمات التي نوفرها

Solar Energy



1- Artificial Lift

2- Chemicals (Oli & Gas)

3- Drilling Tools & Services

4- well Completion & Engineering

5- Reservoir Engineering & Management


1- Pipes & tubes (Seamless Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, etc.)
2- CS Plates
3- Flanges
4- Pipe fittings
5- Valves
6- LED Lighting fixtures for Hazardous and Safe area
7- Junction Box for Hazardous and Safe area
8- Cable Glands for Hazardous and Safe area
9- Pumps (oil & gas)
10- Fasteners (all material)
11- Gaskets
12- Flexible Joints
13- Mechanical Sealing
14- Cutting Pipe Machine

The Company was accredited and approved before governmental ministries and authorities as a contractor having the potentials and human resources necessary for implementing and performing development projects inside State of Kuwait. Such authorities include the following:

  1. Ministry of Public Works.
  2. Public Authority for Housing Welfare.
  3. Ministry of Awqaf & Islamic Affairs.
  4. Ministry of Defense (Military Installations Engineering).
  5. Ministry of Interior.
  6. Ministry of Social Affairs & Labor.
  7. Public Authority for Minors Affairs.
  8. Kuwait Institution for Scientific Researches.
  9. Public Authority for Youth & Sport.
  10. Public Authority for Industry.
  11. Kuwait Oil Company.
  12. Kuwait University.
  13. Public Authority for Applied Education & Training.
  14. Ministry of Electricity & Water.
  15. Credit and Saving Bank.
  16. Public Utilities Management Company.
  17. Kuwait Ports Authority.
  18. Public Environment Authority.
  19. Public Authority for Civil Information.
  20. Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs & Fish Resources.
  21. Union of Consumer Cooperative Societies.
  22. Kuwait Civil Aviation Services Company.
  23. Zakat House.
  24. Ministry of Health.
  25. Zain Telecommunications Company.
  26. Ministry of Higher Education.